INDIGENOUS leader & guests

Kuauhtli Vazquez Kuauhtli Vasquez is a Mexican from Aztec/Mexica ancestry. He is the spiritual chief of the Teocalli Quetzalcoatl, representing the Native American Church. He has been sharing the Half Moon Altar ceremony as a road man for over 30 years, and has danced the traditional native Sundance and the Mexica dance for 25 years. Kuauhtli comes to share the Half Moon Altar ceremony with the Solaris tribe to support the prayer, first time walking, dancing, singing and praying on Arctic land.
Rogelio Carrillo Otakame Rogelio, Marakame and wisdom keeper from the Wixarika people of Mexico, also known as the Huicholes. The Wixaritari are the original guardians of the desert of Wirikuta of Mexico. . Rogelio is well known for his gift of song and communication with the spirits of the land, and will share a circle of a Huichol songs and knowledge.
Hivshu Hivshu, native Inuit singer, drummer, wisdom keeper, storyteller, polar bear hunter, environmentalist and grandfather. His name means The Voice of the Arctic, and he carries the teachings of how to be a guardian of one´s own sacred land. Hivshu will be honorary hosts and toastmaster in Solaris, offering his Voice of the Arctic to guide us through the week, connecting to the land, the wilderness, the ancestors, and the Arctic through his sacred songs, stories, and words of wisdom.
Hugo Marroquin & Amanda Hugo Marroquin, of Mayan ancestry, sun dancer and pipe carrier from the United States, returns to Solaris for the third time with his partner Amanda to share the ways and the teachings of the Native American tribes. They will share with us in Solaris the beautiful Half Moon Four Tobaccos Ceremony, and also share their stories from their time with the water protectors in Standing Rock.
Irineu Catapan Irineu Catapan Junior, sun dancer, pipe carrier and sacred fire keeper from Brazil. Returning also to Solaris for the third time to support the prayer with his sacred pipe and powerful songs.
Kailash Kokopelli Kailash Kokopelli, wisdom keeper, sun dancer, pipe carrier, world bridger, flute magician and world known multi-instrumentalist, with many decades walking the sacred path in all corners of the Earth, returns to Solaris for the third time to support the prayer and share his exquisite sound medicine and his beautiful devotional songs.
Aunty Ivy Aunty Ivy, Pacifica elder and healer, initiated Ancestral Gatekeeper, representing the Maori people of New Zealand, is travelling to Europe for the first time to share her ancestral wisdom with us and to help assist in the healing of people and of Mother Earth. Her mission is to give unconditional love to create peace and harmony the knowledge that has been passed on by her elders and ancestors. She respectfully walks this path with truth and integrity, healing the land and people.
Ryan WhiteWolf Ryan WhiteWolf, musician from Australia. Being raised by an Aboriginal Indigenous man put Ryan on a road of discovery to the true medicine within music. To fully devote, to the songs of country, to the noble heart is his path. Within all cultures, music has been used in ceremony, to celebrate, to heal and to carve natures way with the songs of country. When surrendered, country gives you songs, and it becomes medicine. We are happy to welcome him first time to Arctic lands.
Sigmund Vatvedt Sigmund Vatvedt , musician from Norway, multi- instrumentalist, sound-alchemist, singer and songwriter. Sigmund has studied music and life in India, Africa and South-America, with the Incas and the Mayas, and has walked with the medicines for more than a decade. He has studied extensively with the Huni Kuin people of the Brazilian Amazon, yet he is always well planted in his native Norway and the Norse shamanism, giving his musical repertoire a both wide, deep, and lush expression. He will share his exquisite world sound with us in Solaris and host the festival together with the Arctic Circle.
Alberto Arroyo Alberto Arroyo, native Mexica, Azteca dancer and musician from Mexico. Has lived and studied with the Huicholes since a teenager, and also represents the Native American Church. He walks the path offering his service with his music, the fire, with the water drum, Aztec dances, temazcales and more. Alberto carries the vision to bring the Native American Church to Norway and continue the sacred traditional practises in union with the Aurora Alliance and the guardians of the Arctic lands.
Anna Bariyani Anna Bariyani, singer from Norway. Rooted in her native Norse folklore and shamanism, her branches stretches to both the Native American Red Road and Amazonian indigenous cultures, through many years of travel, study and dedication to the path. She is also the singer of the group Curawaka. Anna is the founder of the Aurora Alliance and the creator of Solaris Festival and will host the gathering together with the Arctic Circle and the Aurora Alliance.
Lone Lynx Lone Lynx, culture bearer and guardian of the Arctic shamanic traditions. Lone was the first to have shamanism recognised as a religion in Norway, when she in 2009 co-funded “Sjamanistisk Forbund” (Shamanic Society). She holds extensive knowledge of the old folk traditions in North-Scandinavia, its songs, stories and rituals. Lone will participate in Solaris representing Aurora Alliance and the Arctic Circle
Juvvá Piitja Juvvá Piitja, Samii reindeer herder and artist, representing the Indigenous people of Lapland, Scandinavia. Juvvá is a student of the old ways of his people and searches for ways to open up access to the shamanic traditions of his Sami ancestry. He will be in Solaris representing the Aurora Alliance and the Arctic Circle, praying on his magical runebomme (Sami drum) to support the prayer of a sacred alliance between all indigenous peoples and guardians of the Sacred Earth.