All ancient cultures have prophesized that the time would come when a global tribe of many colours will rise from a dying world and giving birth to a new time. That time is now.

As the paradigm shift and global transformation is moving the entire planet, indigenous peoples, guardians of the Earth, caretakers of ancient ways and sacred traditions are gathering to hold space for the the collective transformation, somehow holding the ship through the storm and steering it towards a new horizon. Preparing together for tomorrow´s dawn, by planting seeds of goodness and hope and truth, with circles, fires, dances, songs, ceremonies, rituals and prayer.

The Aurora Alliance is an initiative to build bridges between indigenous peoples as well as all guardians of the sacred ways. This year we are praying for the people of the North to have their own Aurora Teocalí, a “School of Spirit”, where all those who feel the calling can safely study the ancient traditions, the secrets of the universe, and practice the traditional ways in order to preserve knowledge of how to live the good sacred life.

The 3rd edition of Solaris Festival invites you to share a tribal gathering with all who feels the calling to support this prayer, as well as to celebrate the sacred ways in support of the transformation of humanity, offering gratitude and prayers to the Earth and her life-giving waters, to ground in and connect with the wilderness of the Arctic and listen to the secrets of the awakening ice, to summon our passion for the sacred life in sweat lodges and sacred dances, remember the original purpose of our lives, and discuss the visions and the possibilities we have to create the world we want for ourselves and our children.